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Off-roading is a term for driving a vehicle on un-surfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand and gravel, riverbeds, mudsnowrocks, and other natural terrain.

This motor sport is catching up in our country, only 4x4 vehicles can be used for this .It’s something which can’t be taught, it has to be practiced .

Few tips on off roading

  1. A good 4x4 machine is the most important
  2. Good Off roading tyres
  3. Tyre pressure on Sand (15 psi), On rocks (20 psi)
  4. Always go fully prepared with offloading kit, Towing cables, D shackles, Tools, etc.
  5. Go in a group of 3-4 vehicles
  6. Always walk down & see where you taking the Jeep.
  7. Avoid water as most of our vehicles are not water resistant
  8. No Alcohol
  9. Take enough water, Energy drinks, Snacks and small eats

Must have OFF Road Kit

  1. Proper Tool Box
  2. Hi lift Jack
  3. Shovel, axe, Knife
  4. Torch light
  5. Towing Cables (2), D Shackles (4)
  6. first Aid medical Kit
  7. Caps, Umbrella, Raincoat
  8. Industrial Gumboots
  9. Radiator water (5 Lt's) & Drinking water (5Lt's)
  10. Snacks & small eats

We also rent our Jeeps for Shootings & Road shows.

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Proper Tool Box


Hi lift Jack

Shovel, axe, Knife

Torch light

Towing Cables (2) , D Shakels (4)

first Aid medical Kit

Caps, Umbrella, Raincoat

Industrial Gumboots

Radiator water (5 lts) & Drinking water (5lts)

Snacks & Small eats

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